Get A Property VA Approval in 21 Days

Check to see if your property needs VA Condo Approval. If the name of your homeowner’s association is on this list then your condo will be permanently approved and you can accept an offer from a buyer who has a Veteran’s Affairs (VA) loan. Click HERE to search for your HOA on the official website. If your homeowner’s association is not on this list, please contact us for more information on how to put it on the list.

Gather the Following Documents

va approval

If your home is not on this list and you and your homeowner’s association would like your building to have permanent VA Approval, please gather the following documents and contact us.

  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Condominium (CC&Rs) with County Recorder’s Office stamp showing recording date;
  • Articles of Incorporation of the Homeowners Association with state seal showing date filed (or SI-CID form);
  • Executed By-laws of the Homeowners Association;
  • Current Association budget and balance sheets for the reserve and, operating accounts. Proposed budgets for new developments (less than 60 days old);
  • Statement signed by a member of the HOA Board of Directors, or property management, specifying any existing or pending special assessments/litigation affecting the Association or unit.  Signed Condominium Certification/Questionnaire is acceptable;
  • Minutes of the last two Homeowners’ Association meetings held; and
  • A Condominium Certification/Questionnaire, signed by property manager, or board member addressing the status of complex HOA.  If unavailable, statement from HOA/property manager date developer turned over all interests to HOA.  (Optional).

We Will Submit a Full Package for VA Approval

va condo approval, va approval

The fee for this service is $1,500.00 and we can get the approval in roughly 21 days. This means, if you are in escrow with a VA loan on a condo that is not previously approved, we may be able to save your offer. Contact VA Approval below or at 858-869-9404 to inquire if you qualify for this service for free.

va condo approval, va approval

Get your homeowner’s association VA Approval in 21 days.

*By clicking “SEND” you agree to have us contact you. You may also reach us at 858-869-9404.